Student Team: Nasheed Ur Rehman, Yongbin Ko, Nishant Aswani, Euison Choi, Hamza Anver, Dhiyaa Al Jorf

HALOSHIP is a fully reusable high-powered rocket built with no external screws, shear-pins, or epoxy. Its internal substructures consist of completely mechanical assemblies, while at its core lies a mechanically and electronically redundant parachute deployment system, referred to as the Hold Down & Release Mechanism (HDRM). The rocket also features an array of Student Research and Developed Avionics, including a custom flight computer and high-speed data acquisition payload. Representing nyuad.space in the 2023 Spaceport America Cup, HALOSHIP aimed to demonstrate innovative new possibilities in high-powered rocketry. It successfully completed its test flight on June 24th, 2023 and secured 2nd place for the Dr. Gil Moore Award for Innovation.

Venue Spaceport America Cup 2023